A Clothing Service

That's Easy for Parents and The Planet.


Clothes...as a Service!

Trade-in (*NEW!!)

Trade-in your outgrown kids' clothes and we'll pick-up, wash, sort, and curate new wardrobes for other lucky families in the community.
An easy, clean, and coordinated hand-me-down system.

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Curated capsule wardrobes for your child's basic, everyday needs. Wear, outgrow, exchange, repeat! Support local Canadian shops and brands for sustainable, functional fashion.


We Believe

In finding a new normal.

In learning from our mistakes and adopting a new system for a better and brighter future.

Our Story

The Future of Fashion

Isn't fast. Isn't rental. It's Circular.

We are a community of parents supporting the fashion industry's transition towards a zero-waste, circular economy.

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Why Join the Community?

Support Your Favourite Local Brands & Shops

Your favourite local shops and brands. Finding clothes that are stylish and safe shouldn’t be a game of hide-and-seek. Tradle adds style to your baby’s life and simplicity to yours.

Peace-of-Mind with Unlimited Exchanges

Children grow like weeds, which makes buying new clothes expensive and time consuming. Now you can exchange styles and sizes just as quickly without being overwhelmed!

Good for the Community and Our Planet

Tradle washes, repairs and circulates clothes to as many families as possible for as long as they last. Our goal is to support slow, circular fashion models where high-quality items are designed for zero waste. 


The Baby Shower Gift That Keeps on Growing!

For expecting parents isolated from their supportive friends and family - here's a great way to include your whole community.

Help to make each unexpected growth spurt a little less hectic and a little more fun for everyone as we include little messages from each gift contributor along the way!

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We're Proud to Support Local!