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The Future of Fashion

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Welcome to a community of parents leading the transition towards a sustainable future in fashion.

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We Believe In

Parents and their courage.

And the imperfections in all of our journeys.

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3 Ways To Join The Tradle Community


Subscribe to a curated wardrobe from a favourite local shop OR a custom wardrobe chosen by you from our local brand partners. Wear, outgrow, exchange, repeat!

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Support new and expecting parents for the long-term with a gift-that-keeps-on-growing. Ideal for Baby Registries and Birthday Gifts that new parent's will love.

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Circulate your outgrown kids' clothes with the Tradle Community and receive a $50 credit to gift or use in support of local, sustainable businesses.

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What's In A Clothing Bundle?

Functional and Fun Everyday Clothing Essentials. Sizes NB and up!

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Why Join the Community?

Support Your Favourite Local Brands & Shops

Your favourite local designers and consignment shops - all here to help new parents. Finding clothes that are stylish and safe shouldn’t be a game of hide-and-seek. Tradle adds style to your baby’s life and simplicity to yours.

Peace-of-Mind with Unlimited Exchanges

Babies and kids grow super-fast and now you can exchange styles and sizes just as quickly without being overwhelmed! Tradle washes, repairs and then circulates the clothes to other families as quickly and as often as possible.

Good for the Community and Our Planet

We collaborate with local, eco-progressive brands and shops to responsibly make, use and circulate clothes. Our goal is to support slow, circular fashion models where high-quality items are designed for zero waste.

How Our Circular Service Works


Have oh-so-soft, high quality clothes in the right size, style, amount and season for every growth spurt.


Receive lots of cute compliments as they quickly outgrow their clothes, from one size to the next. 

Exchange & Repeat

Easily exchange sizes and never stress about stains or tears thanks to our 'worry-free' accident policy.

The Gift That Keeps on Growing... And Growing!

Tradle's goal is to provide the ultimate level of convenience and peace-of-mind for busy, tired and hard-working parents.

Support your friends and family members with clothes that make each unexpected growth spurt less hectic and more fun for the gram!

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We Support Local, Canadian Businesses