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Designer baby clothes subscription from top Canadian brands.

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Capsule wardrobes for your child’s everyday needs. Wear, outgrow, exchange, repeat! Get your baby clothes subscription today!

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We are a community of parents supporting the fashion industry’s transition from fast fashion to zero-waste, circular economy.

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Our Circular Baby Clothes Subscription Service

At Tradle, we make re-using children's clothes easy for parents and optimally easy on the planet. Wear, outgrow, exchange and repeat!


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We work with you to create the perfect baby capsule wardrobe.

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Why Tradle


We are a Vancouver company partnered with neighbourhood shops and Canadian children's clothing brands. Together we collaborate to close the loop on waste to ensure today’s cutest kids can live in a better world tomorrow.


Children grow like weeds, which makes buying new clothes expensive and time consuming. Now you can exchange styles and sizes just as quickly without being overwhelmed!


Can’t justify spending $40 on a onesie that will be outgrown in a few months? What if you could trade it for the next size as many times as needed? Get access to Canadian designer baby clothes for a fraction of the cost.

The Baby Shower Gift That Keeps on Growing!

For expecting parents, this is a great way to include your whole community, family and friends! Help to make each unexpected growth spurt a little less hectic and a little more fun for everyone.

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Ready to declutter your child's closet?

Are your kids too big for Tradle, but still want to join our circular community? Trade-in your favourite Canadian kids' clothes to other lucky families who can re-use and re-love them too!

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We're Proud to Support Canadian Brands!

Alice C.

My boy was almost a month old when I discovered Tradle. I was browsing online for some higher quality clothes, more durable, and softer on his sweet skin. There were some beautiful, sustainable pieces, however the price was difficult for me to justify because of how fast my baby was growing. Then, Tradle appeared on my screen. I found myself nodding emphatically as I read through Tradle’s values, story and mission.

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Heather White

As a new parent, I was overwhelmed by the number of decisions I was being tasked to make everyday. None of them easy, no black and whites, a seeming risk or downfall, no matter what I chose. As I packed up an entire box of newborn clothes that my son never even wore, I was riddled with guilt. Would these clothes eventually be worn? Who made them? Where did they come from? Where would they end up? Enter tradle. It was as if a prayer I didn't even know I was saying, was answered.

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Rebekah Moen

We have loved our Tradle experience and wholeheartedly recommend to other families. The products are of exceptional quality, and it was a pleasure to change our little one into new outfits (a bonus not to be overlooked when you are having one of those days when you have five outfit changes). Not having to pack up and store, or giveaway clothes was awesome.

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Michael McBurnie

Tradle has been perfect for our needs. We didn't have a local network for hand-me-downs, so we were glad to find Tradle to fill this gap. I was originally most interested in the practicalness of reducing clutter, recycling, and sharing the cost of clothes that she will quickly out grow. But I have also unexpectedly found that I get a lot of joy out of the clothes too - the feel, the quality, and the fun styles.

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Jacqueline McGuire

I have used Tradle since my daughter was 11 months old and we were thrilled to have seasonal clothing from Canadian brands that support sustainability and quality over fast fashion. The Tradle experience has been easy and convenient, with so so many compliments on my daughter's cute clothing.

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