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Having a baby is a big financial undertaking for a family and costs can add up quickly if you’re not sure what to expect. Diapers, crib, car seat, formula, toys and more! It is a scary realization, especially considering that many items will be outgrown quickly. Global News estimates that parents can expect to spend $80 per month on clothing in their baby’s first year. They also note that this estimation is based on data from the United States where clothing is notoriously cheaper than in Canada meaning that number could be underestimated. 

Smart Parent Advice ballparks that newborns can go through 3 to 7 outfits a day and 1 - 3 month olds can go through 2 to 7. This adds up to a lot of clothes - and a lot of laundry! As an expecting parent, you’re likely crunching the numbers and figuring out where to splurge and where to save. This is where Tradle can come into help. We have gathered our brightest babies to bring you the economic breakdown on how Tradle can help save you money and more. 

Tradle offers two subscription models. You can order a half wardrobe bundle that offers 12 items for $50/month or a full wardrobe of 24 items for $95/month. You have complete control over when you order a new bundle - most often happening with the change of seasons or unexpected growth spurt! Our VIP (very important parent) support will help you curate a bundle that is just right for you. Choose from onesies, pants, shirts, leggings, dresses, hats and even little booties. If you’re a new parent, we can guide you with suggestions and advice. The bundle includes unlimited exchanges to keep up with your baby’s style and preferences - and free shipping. Our worry-free policy ensures your peace of mind even if the clothing becomes slightly damaged. 

Tradle offers designer baby clothes that can retail one outfit at the price of an entire month of Tradle subscription. We partner with brands that provide high-quality clothing using organic, natural materials for the best comfort and feel on your baby’s skin. Not to mention, we team up with exclusively Canadian brands to do our part to support local and reinvest in our communities. For every $100 spent at local businesses, $68 stays in the local economy - but only half that ($34) stays when shopping at big-box chain stores.

With babies growing so quickly, the clothing you only recently bought can quickly become unusable. As many parents are facing this same issue, the resell value for perfectly reusable clothes has become dismally low. Just searching “baby clothes” on Facebook marketplace offers large bundles where jumpers and onesies are being offered for less than $1 per item. The resale process can be tedious and means that you’ll be storing all of the outgrown clothing until you can pass it along. Tradle takes away this headache and ensures you’re supporting a sustainable future by recirculating the clothing to new parents in the Tradle community. We repair and wash our wardrobes between each exchange to ensure they stay in the best shape possible. Overconsumption (and overspending) is out of style. Tradle provides you with exactly what you need, takes away unnecessary shopping stress and leaves you more time to play and snuggle with your little one.

Even with all of the added value offered with a Tradle subscription, we know that the costs of a new baby can still add up. Baby showers can help with some of the big costs but they only happen once. That is why we decided to embody the belief “it takes a village to raise a child” with our gifting platform. We made it easy to get support from your community towards clothing for your children’s first years. You set up a clothing registry on our website, share with family and friends and then upload photos, stay connected and thank your entire community with the occasional growth spurt updates. We’re often felt like we need to do it all alone but we believe there’s strength in numbers. Even in times when we need to stay physically apart, it is the support and love of our communities that keep us going. 

Being a part of the Tradle community means you’re contributing to something bigger - a more sustainable future for your children and a new economic system that emphasizes care, community and circularity. Learn more about Tradle on our How It Works page or reach out to learn more

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