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Chauntelle and Rose are unlikely business partners. They met while working for the same fashion brand, but found themselves in a similar place after having children around the same time. Over coffee, they realized they had a mutual dream to start their own fashion line and at that moment, Greige was born. Greige is a sustainable fashion brand that is on a mission to blend functionality, sustainability and style for kids and grown-ups. Greige fulfills their goal of creating adult and baby clothes that are good for the environment, good for their kids, and good for the future of both. 

Chauntelle and Rose modelling their Spring 2021 collection with their little ones 

You may not recognize the term ‘greige’ if you’re not in the fashion world. It’s a shortened version of ‘grey-beige’ which refers to raw materials in their unfinished state. Chauntelle and Rose chose this to coin their brand as it represents their goal to create sustainable, organic materials that are true to their original form - just like greige raw materials. 

Greige embodies sustainability throughout the supply chain. They partner with manufacturers who pay their skilled employees higher than living wages with safe and clean working conditions. Greige’s pieces are all made from organic, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, GOTS certified and/or leftover fabrics. Chauntelle and Rose explained that in the fashion industry many brands don’t reuse leftover fabrics because they’re trying to keep up with new colour and style trends. They avoid this issue by not overproducing to eliminate that waste and have recently begun reusing leftover fabrics from previous seasons with new prints for their upcoming collections. Not to mention, their shipping practices minimize waste with reused boxes and compostable shipping bags. 

You can match with your mini model in the Darted Pant - offered both in Kids and Women’s sizes 

They don’t just see sustainability as a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact - it also includes reinvesting in their community. 1% of all sales for Spring 2021 are being donated to Plan International Canada whose mission is to advance children's rights and equality for girls as well as address the COVID-19 response in vulnerable communities. To reduce the burden on healthcare workers and first responders during the height of the pandemic last year they also offered a 50% discount on all of their pieces. 

Chauntelle and Rose are part of the shift towards an ethical and environmentally responsible future for the fashion industry. They believe that “sustainability has to be engrained in everything you do - not just fabrics but the packaging and all other steps. It’s really the only way forward.” They also emphasize the power of collaboration to tackle big problems together - specifically the problem of what to do with our clothes when we don’t need them anymore. This is where Tradle comes in. We are proud to partner with Greige and circulate their high-quality pieces between many stylish kids and babies. Our circular system eliminates the waste management burden on both parents and the planet. 

You can get your hands on Greige’s pieces through Tradle’s baby subscription box or their online shop. An exciting collaboration that will help to circulate even more pieces (and save you money) will be coming soon from Greige and Tradle. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date! 

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  • A company that is trendy , mindful and taking the initiative to save the planet and making the world a better place. Salute

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