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Adila Cokar had a vision – ethically produced, sustainable, timeless garments that are certified “good”.  The idea is now a reality in The Good Tee brand that creates guilt-free, responsibly made fashion basics.

Adila with some of the garment workers employed by The Good Tee

Adila is an entrepreneur and author that has over a decade of experience working closely with offshore factories and partnering with and building businesses within the fashion industry. On a trip to India, Adila learned about the issue of local farmers committing suicide. Many of the farmers were suffering from poverty and had limited options to sell their cotton at a fair price. She knew that she had to do what she could to change that reality. The Good Tee was born and upholds the highest standards of ethical labour. All of her products are also Fairtrade cotton and GOTS and FLOCERT certified. In 2020, the brand achieved B Corporation certification which proves even further that they are upholding the highest sustainability standards regarding social, economic and environmental considerations.

Not only are Good Tee products ethical, but they have been designed for circularity. This means that they biodegrade at end of their life, including even the clothing tags which are made of natural cotton or recycled paper. The brand also thought of a circular process to deliver their items - Good Tee garments are sent in biodegradable bags in recycled boxes. They also manufacture based on pre-order so that they never over-produce.

Adila is hoping to not only inspire the fashion industry to change, but also her customers to live more sustainable lives. She says she would love to see people “slow down, adopt a conscious living style, be thoughtful about their things and possessions and take care of them. Just look up and live life.” Adila is hoping to share this message even further with her new book, “Source My Garment.” It is an in-depth step-by-step guide for newcomers to build a sustainable and successful fashion brand.

The Good Tee creates basics for babies and adults. Tradle carries their shirts, leggings and onesies. Adila is thrilled to be working with Tradle and has this to say about the company: “The idea is genius. Not only are you diverting clothing from landfills you are encouraging reusing clothes especially in an industry where kids quickly outgrow before they can fully be used.” Tradle is equally delighted to be partnered with The Good Tee and sharing their message with their customers.

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