Eco-Friendly Easter Basket & Activity Ideas for Kids

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Holidays can make you feel like you need to go out and buy all the newest and shiniest items to celebrate properly. In reality, you often already have everything you need to create meaningful memories at home. This of course applies to Easter, which no matter your religious beliefs, is the perfect time to celebrate the spring season and plan fun activities for your family. We have gathered eco-friendly ideas and inspiration for enjoying the holiday and spring season without creating unnecessary waste. 

Easter Basket 

Easter baskets are an opportunity to treat your little one with some fun activities and goodies. 

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1. Find a reusable basket 

If you think you don’t already have an Easter basket to use, you actually might! The basket tradition has been forgone in recent years for more creative vessels like the ideas below. If you don’t have one of these items around the house, your local thrift store often has many options for prices as low as the dollar store. 

  • Toy pail
  • Gift basket
  • Toy container
  • Bookbag

2. Fill your basket with low-waste Easter goodies

Brightly coloured plastic eggs and excessively packaged chocolate bunnies have seemed to become the norm for Easter baskets these days. But, there are so many more options that your kids will be able to enjoy much longer than just a few chocolates. 

  • Sidewalk chalk

As the weather warms up and we’re playing outside more often, sidewalk chalk is a creative and fun activity for many ages. The best part is that it often comes in easily recyclable paper packaging. 

  • Seeds for Spring gardening 

The warmer weather also brings the opportunity to get the whole family involved in some gardening. Whether you have an experienced green thumb or are just growing a few daisies, gardening is a chance to teach your kids about the natural world and respect for nature. 

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  • Homemade bubble mix

Bubbles are another fun outdoor activity. You can easily whip up your own with this easy recipe that only calls for water, dish soap and corn syrup! 

  • Colouring books 

Colouring books are going to be necessary for those inevitable rainy spring days. 

  • Homemade playdough 

DIY Playdough is another cheap and easy basket addition that can provide endless indoor fun and creative play. 

  • Secondhand books 

Kids are often thrilled with any new-to-them gift even if it was pre-loved. Children’s books are easy to find at most thrift stores for cheap or even through swaps with friends that have similar-aged children. 

  • Craft supplies

Craft supplies like crayons and coloured pencils often come in simple cardboard packaging that is easy to recycle. 

  • Board/card games 

Board games and card games can be fun group activities for the whole family or solo playtime for when you need a break. 

  • Used puzzles 

Puzzles are one of those items that you’re not always going to find yourself using over and over again. Because of this, thrift stores are overflowing with puzzle donations and can be easily found at very low price points. 

  • Donation 

This one depends on the age of your child but you can donate to a local charity or cause in their name. This is often an unexpected but sweet gift and can help teach the value of giving and sharing with others. Canada Helps gives you the option to buy a gift card and then let your child pick out where they want to donate. 

  • Baby clothes 

With spring and summer coming up there is a need for some new warm-weather outfits! Tradle offers organic baby clothes subscription boxes from top Canadian brands. Eliminate waste and support a circular economy while enjoying designer baby clothes. 

3. Indulge in Easter treats 

There’s no way I could share Easter basket ideas without mentioning a few treats. 

  • Baked goods 

Homemade baked goods are an easy way to avoid packaging waste from the store and save money. 

  • Local chocolate 

Chocolate is a little bit harder to make at home but still essential to many for this holiday celebration. There are some amazing local and ethical chocolatiers that could definitely use the support. For example, East Van Roasters based in Vancouver is a social enterprise that supports women reentering the workforce. No matter where you buy your chocolate, look for simple foil or cardboard packaging as this can be recycled in most municipalities’ curbside blue bins. 

  • Bulk candy 

Some bulk bins are closed right now due to varying health guidelines but Nada Grocery and Bulk Barn are still offering lots of package-free options. 


While we likely won’t be travelling for the Easter long weekend, there are still lots of fun activities to commemorate the holiday at home. 

1. Make your own easter eggs with natural dye 

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Naturally dying eggs is a fun way to celebrate Easter with a fully compostable list of materials. Gorgeous natural colours can be made from beets, onions, cabbage and turmeric which will not only amaze your kids but provides an opportunity for a simultaneous science lesson.  

2. Craft with recycled materials 

Crafts are a simple way to get creative with your kids and give a second life to household items that might’ve already been on their way to the recycling or garbage bin. This blog shares how to make Easter bunnies with toilet paper rolls, used buttons and ribbons and a bit of coloured paper or paint. This craft is a way to bring spring inside your home by turning leftover paint chips into an easter egg garland. These are just a few ideas but sometimes the most creative results come from just gathering up bits and bobs from around the house and letting your kid’s imaginations run wild.

3. Easter egg hunt 

Of course, we couldn’t talk about Easter activities without mentioning the easter egg hunt. The activity is pretty self-explanatory but often comes along with the use of plastic eggs. Wooden and aluminum reusable options are a great way to eliminate plastic and have eggs to use year after year. 

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4. Bonus: Easter egg bath bombs

This is a bonus activity for the parents to take some time to themselves for rest and relaxation over the long weekend. 

There are lots of ideas for celebrating the holiday with your family here. At the end of the day, it is all about spending time together and creating those lifelong memories. Share any Easter traditions or additional suggestions below in the comments. Hoppy Easter from our Tradle family to yours! 

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