Inspirational Eco Mom Bloggers to Follow in 2021

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It is no secret that parenthood brings more love into our lives than many of us could’ve ever imagined before having children. Raising a new human and watching them experience the world for the first time is a joy like no other. However, along with that love and joy, there also comes worry and anxiety. We not only worry for their safety and their happiness but how we’re doing as parents (and if they can tell that most of the time we’re just making it up as we go). 

Now, we’re forced to add climate anxiety to that equation. We are living in a very unpredictable time and it is hard to know what the future will look like for our kids. All of this can be overwhelming and corner us into feeling like we need to solve all of these issues by ourselves. Luckily, there is a huge community of fellow parents out there that share these feelings and are helping to educate and share ideas on eco-friendly and zero waste parenting. There is no one right way to be an environmentally conscious parent but these leaders offer tips and insights that can help in each of our journeys. 

The Green Mum 

Meera Jain is an eco blogger based in Toronto that shares her ups and downs of living a green lifestyle with two young daughters. She offers tips around low-waste living, vegan recipes, responsible fashion and more. Check out her website and Instagram

Zero-waste kitchen swaps recommended by The Green Mum.  

Sustainable in the Suburbs

Sarah is a blogger that educates on living a low waste and simplified life. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto where she raises two elementary-aged children. She believes that “living a sustainable lifestyle with kids is not only possible, but critically important for our future and theirs.” Check out her website and Instagram

Sarah shares a DIY oat milk recipe on her Instagram

Your Eco Friend

Sophi is a mission to fight eco-anxiety, increase mental wellbeing and wellness at work, and tackle sustainability as a community. She is a speaker on zero-waste and eco-anxiety based out of Toronto. Her eco-education reels are hilarious and relatable - she’s a must-follow on Instagram.  

Baby Steps to Zero Waste 

Jess Morales is the matriarch of what she calls an “aspiring zero waste family”. The idea behind her blog is to share one easy baby step at a time that we can all do to help reduce our footprint. She shares tons of kid-friendly zero waste activities with her two little ones on Instagram and her blog.  

Simply Pure Simply Fresh 

Antonietta is a mother of two, teacher and nutritionist in training based out of Toronto. The goal behind her blog is “to bring back the basics, igniting your passion for cooking, while being mindful of our environmental impact.” She recently launched a free food waste audit guide to help you learn where to start reducing your food waste! Follow her Instagram and blog

The Food Waste Audit guide by Simply Pure Simply Fresh

This Blemished Life 

Chayce Morgan is a mother and eco blogger who teaches parents how to live a low waste life, all while raising happy and healthy kids. She runs an eco-friendly home daycare in Calgary and blogs about zero waste living, eco-friendly parenting and plant-based food. Check out her website and Instagram

Tiny Trash Can 

Tippi Thole is on a zero-waste journey with her 11-year-old son in Montreal, Quebec. Her blog offers tips and tricks for any step in the zero waste journey - from getting started to more advanced steps like DIY home products. Follow along with them on Instagram and her website

Tippi auditing her family’s trash on her Instagram

While these moms all communicate in their unique way, they are telling the same story - simple, sustainable living is better for your family and the planet. We thank them for the education and inspiration they are sharing. We know that this fight for the planet cannot be won alone so it is heartening to see so many families getting involved and bringing along the next generation. Share your favourite bloggers in the comments below. 

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