An Isolated Parent’s Guide for Edutaining Their Kids

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So school doors have closed and Spring break activities have been cancelled. Which presents a unique challenge; what do I do with a child who is bouncing between feelings of boredom and fear? In the first few days, I have to admit that I've let him play unlimited video games. Now that reality has sunk in we've gotten more creative with our activities!

Box Forts

box fort

Have any spare cardboard boxes? Give them some markers or paints and let them build a city. My son now spends all his time in his cardboard city.


Camp in the Backyard


Don't have a backyard? No problem set up your tent in the living room.


Video Calls

video call

This is an important one for my son as he is really missing his friends. We installed Facebook Messenger Kids and coordinated with other parents to set up some needed face time.


Structured Study

study time

We have stopped treating isolation like a holiday and settled into a routine. I think this has helped my son the most. Part of this routine is study time! I'm no teacher so we've been trying out several online education websites. Here are some of our favourites:


We're always looking for activity ideas! If you have any activities to share please tag Tradle at

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