Top Ten Clothes by Tradle Parents

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Through 2020's ups and downs, we're proud to have been keeping your little ones cozy and comfortable through it all. Here’s a look back at the most popular clothes of 2020, hand-picked by Tradle members who have signed up for our baby clothes subscription box.

10. Little & Lively Pullover

Why It’s Loved - Parents love the quality. Comfortable and adorable. 

9. Soft Soul Vegan Moccasins

Why It’s Loved - They’re easy to put on and go well with any outfit.

8. Haven Kids - Footie Legging

Picture Courtesy of Jahzel M.

Why It’s Loved - A favourite for newborn babies for the convenience of sewn-in feet, no need to fuss with socks!

7. Greige Remix Romper

Why It’s Loved - Incredibly cute and the softest bamboo fabric.

6. Haven Kids - Kimono Romper

Picture courtesy of Heather W.

Why It’s Loved - A little different than the usual snaps or zippers to provide some variety to the wardrobe. The loose fit makes it easy to put on and minimizes contact with the umbilical cord stump - a favourite for newborns.

6. Parade Organics - Harem Pants

Photo courtesy of Jahzel M. 

Why It’s Loved - Stretchy and soft, perfect for active babies. The extra room is perfect for cloth diaper-wearing babies.

5. Jax & Lennon Tee Onesie

Photo courtesy of Alice C. 

Why It’s Loved - It’s silky soft, the lean fit makes it perfect for layering.

4. Jax & Lennon Rain Jacket

Why It’s Loved - Babies will wear their jackets only once before they outgrow it, a little exaggeration but it sure feels like it. It’s no wonder that the Jax & Lennon rain jacket has become a staple in everyone’s baby clothes subscription box.

3. Haven Kids Overalls

Photo courtesy of Alice C. 

Why It’s Loved - Ridiculously cute, and easy to take on and off. A small miracle for baby overalls.

2. Jax & Lennon Hoodie 

Why It’s Loved - So luxuriously soft that parents want one in their size!

1. Parade Organics - ‘2-Way’ Zip Romper 

Picture courtesy of Heather W.

Why it’s loved - It’s stylish and practical. Who says PJs can’t make you look sharp. The 2-way zipper makes diaper changes easy and cuffs on pants and arms can be rolled up to adjust to the growing baby.

What were your favourite pieces of the year? What do you want to see from us in 2021? Leave a comment below or send us a message. As a community, we are welcoming the first modern zero-waste generation together. 

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