Twin sisters Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso are the founders of Nudnik, a Toronto-based kidswear brand designing the waste out of fashion! 

After working for a collective 20+ years for Wasteco, one of Canada’s largest privately-owned waste management companies (co-owned by their father), this pair of ‘waste-chasers’ are on a mission to clean up one of the dirtiest industries today: fashion. 

Made entirely from pre-consumer textile waste, Nudnik’s stylish and colourful modern basics are not only combating the growing global waste problem, but actively helping to solve it. 

As the environmental impact of fast fashion makes its way more and more into public discourse, Alex and Lindsay are stepping up to answer the call for more sustainable textile manufacturing and circular design. 

Not only does Nudnik divert all their (100% organic cotton) materials from landfill, every garment is 100% compostable to avoid ever entering back into the waste stream. Moreover, where it normally takes 2700 litres of water to manufacture one t-shirt, Nudnik’ process uses zero, AND, their hang tags, labels and packaging are all zero-waste. 

Setting their sights far beyond sustainable, Nudnik is reinventing potential, challenging the atrocious waste of the fashion industry, and inspiring families to approach every situation with curiosity, compassion, and a commitment to always envision a better way.

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