Our Story

Tradle was founded by friends who were searching for a gift for new parents. When a new life is about to start, everyone wants to give something that’s special to the parents and new baby right? Of course. So this group of friends went searching for the perfect way to celebrate a new family member.

They wanted something the parents would make their lives easier, not burden them after they were quickly outgrown and not end up in a landfill. Most importantly, they wanted something that empowered the parents to do what matters most - spend as much time as possible with their family and friends.

And so Tradle was born.

Tradle is a baby clothing membership that makes parenting a wee bit easier and is good for the planet. 

The idea is simple. Join the Tradle community and gift or subscribe to a membership that fits best with your needs and get a bundle of baby clothes that includes everything your baby needs for day-to-day life. The clothing is mix and match in gender-neutral colours and every piece is soft, stylish and ridiculously cute.

When the baby outgrows the clothes or a new season arrives, parents order another bundle and send back the first one. They repeat as needed as the baby grows or the seasons change until the baby is two. 

When the clothes are worn out (many babies later) they’re responsibly disposed of so less stuff ends up in our landfills. Tradle advocates for owning fewer clothes, choosing second-hand clothes first, wearing and sharing them responsibly, and finding proper disposal solutions for worn-out items. So we make it easy at each step of the way.

With a Tradle membership, parents will have peace of mind that the clothes they have are good for their baby and for the planet. We source clothing from local companies that share our commitment to sustainability and contribute to vibrant and unique local economies. Whenever possible we choose clothes made from all-natural and organic fibers because that is best for a baby’s sensitive skin and the planet. 

There’s a lot to do when a family is expecting. Spending time shopping for expensive clothes a baby will quickly outgrow, or sorting through piles of hand-me-downs, need not be on a new parent’s to-do list. 

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming the first zero-waste generation!