Our Story




Tradle was founded by friends searching for the ideal gift for new parents. When a new life is about to start, everyone wants to give or receive something that’s special, right?

Something that would make life just a little easier. Something meaningful, long-lasting and convenient. Something durable, reusable and that won't eventually end up in a landfill. Most importantly, something that gives parents more time with those who truly matter.

And so Tradle was born: A convenient clothing service that's easy for parents and the planet. 

Styles that works for mom (and dad) with sizes that always fit a growing child with an easy way to exchange for something fun after they are quickly outgrown. Practical mix-and-match outfits for a child's basic, everyday needs. Ultimate peace-of-mind where having less is more.

Not only did we want to help new parents, but the local brands and shops who share our commitment to sustainability and vibrant, local economies. Whenever possible we choose clothes made from all-natural and organic fibers because that is best for a baby’s sensitive skin and the planet. 

Today's parents are expected to do too much. Spending time shopping for expensive, trendy, fash-fashion clothes that will quickly be outgrown, or sorting through piles of hand-me-downs, need not be on any parent’s to-do list.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting parents raising the first modern zero-waste generation!

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