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Find out everything you need to know about a Tradle membership here!

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Reserve a Spot

Sign up and reserve your spot for the upcoming season. There are three plans to choose from starting at $55/month. To waste less, we only pre-order new clothes for the next season when we know they'll be used.

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Design your Ideal Bundle

Our VIP Support will welcome you to the community and help to make sure you always feel well looked after. Then we'll curate the ideal mix & match bundle of clothes designed just for you.

Fun Deliveries, Easy Exchanges

With at least 4 fun box-opening experiences a year and unlimited exchanges, you can always have a baby clothing wardrobe to be proud of. Exchanges typically happen when the seasons changes or whenever there's a growth spurt - which happens a lot!

Support and Service

We treat our members as we would treat our friends. Know what it's like to be supported when you need it most. Our service is constantly improving as we learn, like our members, what it's like to start a family. We'd be honoured to join you on this little adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions



How does payment work?

Monthly billing only begins when you receive your first bundle and only when you're 100% happy. You can cancel at any time. Subscriptions are billed monthly. Baby not here yet? Reserve a bundle for your due date.


How do I update my billing information?

Log into the customer portal to update your billing information. This link can be found in your welcome to Tradle email. Can't find the email? Contact us and we'll resend you a new link! 


Can I cancel if I want to?

Of course. Anytime. We have a 100% happiness guarantee. Login to the customer portal to cancel your subscription. This link can be found in your welcome to Tradle email. Can't find the email? Contact us and we'll resend you a new link!


The Clothing


Can I pick the clothes in my bundle?

At the moment, we've decided that our operations are still a little too complex to allow all for customer Custom Bundles - but we're working to make that a standard customer experience.


How often do I get clothes?

As often as you need to. You can trade a new bundle whenever your baby grows or seasonally for warmer or cooler clothes.


Do I need to wash the clothing before returning the bundles?

Ideally, yes. If life happens and you can’t we completely understand. Note: we do wash and repair clothing before passing it along to the next family.


Can I alter/tailor the clothes?

If you need to make a small stitch or repair go ahead but please let us know via the feedback form when you return the clothes.


What happens if the clothes get lost or damaged?

Nothing! We'll send you a small restocking fee to help replace the items, but don't sweat it! We understand that when it comes to babies, st*ff happens. All we ask is that you please just let us know via the feedback card when you return the clothes.


Can I buy an item from my bundle if I want to keep it?

Of course. If you fall in love with something or want to save it for posterity just let us know and we’ll invoice you for the retail value of the item.


Deliveries & Exchanges


How do I exchange for the next size?

Simply request your next bundle in a new size or season and that's it! We'll curate the ideal bundle for you, review it with you or send you an exciting surprise delivery, whichever you prefer, and Voila! For the details visit the Returns page.


What happens if the baby comes early?

Break out the cigars and then email us at and we’ll rush your clothes to wherever they need to be. 




Do you have a Gift Registry or Gift Cards?

Yes! We have both!  Tradle's clothing registry is an easy and convenient way for your friends and family to help you live your values as a new parent and pitch-in to the subscription, instead of buying new gifts. What's great is that they too can join the new parent's exciting journey and experience each growth spurt with a gift-that-keeps-on-giving too!


Can I add Tradle to my gift registry?

Yes. Please follow these steps to add Tradle to your Amazon or Babylist registry.


  1. Install the Amazon Assistant.
  2. Find the bundle you would like on the Tradle website.
  3. Click the Amazon Assistant in your web browser.
  4. Click Add to Baby Registry.


  1. Add the Babylist Button.
  2. Find the bundle you would like on the Tradle website.
  3. Click your new Babylist button.

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