We’ve partnered with top Canadian baby clothing companies to keep our bundles high quality and eco-friendly.

Local Clothing Brands

Partnered with Canada’s top sustainable brands, Tradle makes it easy for every new parent to have premium, eco-friendly clothes. Used and outgrown, washed and repaired, circulated and disposed responsibly, together, we can all collaborate with the fashion industry to close the loop on textile waste. Let's ensure todays’ cutest kids can live in a better world, tomorrow.

Our Vancouver Ambassadors

Our ambassadors help to bring our company's vision to life through their creativity and community driven services.

Local Consignment Partners

Consistently voted one of Vancouver's top consignment stores, if you live near Main St., you know this is the place to find something special for your little one. You can bring the children and let them explore in the play area - while you enjoy a thoughtful and inviting boutique! Always exciting finds in the “pre-loved” section; each piece is carefully selected to align with the many hand crafted, natural, recycled and organic gifts from the local neighbourhood and around the world. Angie, Estevan, Colleen, Alice, Carla or Monica, are always looking forward to your visit.

Become (or Recommend) a Partner

We’re always looking for baby clothing companies, consignment stores and ambassadors who share our commitment to sustainability and the new circular economy, to partner with.

It's so important to us that every item we share with our members is high quality, durable, stylish and when possible - made with natural and organic fibers. We love to support local businesses who are contributing towards creating unique and vibrant communities.

If this sounds like your, or someone you know please reach out to us!