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Impact Driven, Culture of Care

We're ready to move mountains to help raise the first zero-waste generation. Tradle was founded by friends searching for the ideal gift for new parents. Something that would make life just a little easier. Something meaningful, long-lasting and convenient. Something durable, reusable and that won't eventually end up in a landfill. Most importantly, something that gives parents more time with those who truly matter.

And so Tradle was born: A convenient clothing service that's easy for parents and the planet.



Chief Exutive Officer

Blyth doesn't mind admitting that he has a healthy obsession with the circular economy. He dreams of a society in which material resources circulate infinitely, and waste is zero. Blyth founded tradle because he believes that there is no higher priority than fighting for a child's well-being, including protecting the Earth that they are set to inherit.

Hidden Talent: Handstand walks


Parent Experience Lead

Corina is the superstar behind our customer service team. She is an educator with 43 years of experience in the field, teaching and administrating primary private schools in Canada, Argentina and Uruguay. She’s raised two amazing boys and started working with her son Blyth, our CEO and Founder!

Hidden Talent: Horseback riding


Chief Marketing Officer

Jodie is an educator, entrepreneur, and brand strategist with 10+ years of helping people, nonprofits, and organizations find their footing fast to run with their passions! She grew up unapologetically wild in rural Alberta and has lived in London (UK), Toronto, Tokyo, and Singapore before settling in Vancouver with her two children. 

Hidden Talent: Teaching 'Learn To Clinics' - learn to bike, learn to draw, etc.


Creative Lead

Hailey has worked as a Graphic Designer and Creative Leader in a number of industries since graduating from ECUAD over ten years ago. She is the brains of the tradle brand and is the talent behind the website design, packaging, social media and animations. She owns her own design company, Hailey Jayne Creative.

Hidden Talent: Painting


Technical Lead

Jahzel is a web and UX developer and serial entrepreneur. For over 15 years, Jahzel has helped startups launch new products and services. Fun fact, she found out she was pregnant the same week she joined the team, and it was a race between launching tradle or her baby. The store launch won by a narrow margin, and Jahzel and baby Cora were happy to become one of tradle's first customers.

Hidden Talent: Making wooden toys


Marketing Lead

Katy wears many hats, but her main roles include copywriting, marketing analysis, photography, and collaborating with sister Hailey to create marketing campaigns. She grew up loving art, fashion, and music and eventually turned her talents into a career in photo and video production. Katy is looking forward to seeing tradle continue to grow while she grows her own little baby and becomes a new mama this summer!

Hidden Talent: Horseback riding and training my pets

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