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Community Trade-ins

We are proud to provide our Partner Brands with a clothing trade-in solution for members and non-members alike to keep their high-quality clothes in circulation for as long as possible!

Here’s a FREE and EASY way to send us those items you no longer need (sizes NB-2) with a little help from our shipping partners Canada Post.


1. Fill out the form below

We'll send you an email with easy, free Canada Post mail-in instructions depending on if you have a printer or not.

2. Clean, Pack & Mail-in Your Clothes

Send us nearly-new (7 out of 10) high-quality clothes from our partner brands only, please.

3. Receive Special Trade-In Credits

After receiving your package, we'll send you a discount code for either our partner brand's website* or for your own Tradle membership!



*Not all of our partners currently provide trade-in discounts/credits.