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Trade in your favourite kids' clothes to share the love!

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With warmer weather upon us and limited clothing donation options during BC's phased reopening, Tradle is proud to offer a new clothing trade-in service to support parents and local shops in their efforts to circulate quality, gently-used clothes. 

Whether you're doing a closet clean-out or your child has outgrown their clothes, Tradle will be there to help pick-up and circulate them for you!

Easy as 1,2,3


1. Schedule a FREE Clothing Pickup at Your Door.

We will pick up your clothes free of charge, so the fuss and muss of getting your clothes to other families is super easy.

2. Clean, Sort and Fold Your Clothes.

Please wash, dry and sort your clothes by size and quality.
(Please separate low-quality or stained clothes for donation.)

3. Receive a 20% Monthly DISCOUNT

Use or gift our monthly 20% discount towards a Neighbourhood Bundle subscription. 
(Worth $120 over a 1-year subscription)

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Bonus Facts: 
Share the love: Know that your favourite outgrown children's clothes will go to other Tradle Community families who will love and care for them as much as you do.
Charity Drop: Unusable clothes will be sorted for donation when local charities reopen and begin to accept clothing drop-offs again.
Professional Laundry Service: Tradle has partnered with Vancouver's most eco-friendly laundry service, WASHOUT to professionally clean all curated 2nd-hand capsule wardrobes prior to delivery for safety and added peace-of-mind.
During COVID-19: Tradle will not profit from this service during the pandemic. All revenues will go towards employing local workers, personal shoppers and professional laundry partners, to ensure kids stay stylish and safe.
We still want lots of feedback and input as we embark on this exciting journey together so please stay let us know how we can improve.